Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mini- Album with the 2012 January Kit

Hi! Sara here bringing you a FUN mini-album using the January kit! This kit is coordinated so well it only took me a few short hours to put together this mini-album! I will add photos after I get them printed but I wanted the book done first so I knew what size to have the photos printed!

First I used my cricut to cut 6 "pages" out of chipboard. These pages were roughly about 6" high and 4" wide. I used the Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge. The blackout squares on this cartrigde are not straight and are a bit wonky. (which is why the height and width are "rough" estimates. Each one is a bit different.) I liked that so I stretched them out to rectangles using my gypsy and made each one a bit different in height and width. Making for a unique and fun look.

Then I cut out a few 5.5" hearts from the chipboard as well using the Simply Sweet cartridge still. After this I cut pages from the patterned paper to cover the chipboard pages and hearts. Once all the chipboard pieces were covered I used my bind it all to punch the holes in all the pieces. Do not bind the book until you are completely done. You do want the holes on there before you start creating though or else you may have something punched later that you didn't want a hole in! SO - holes first - decorate up - then bind.

After all the pages were done I bound them with a black binding ring using my Bind-It-All. Then I tied a few ribbons around the binding! (I also added the 6 envelopes that were in the kit into the book. You'll see them in the photos below. Also included in the album are some of the chipboard frames from the kit and chipboard pieces covered with the patterned paper! Here are photos of the completed album:

Happy Scrapping and ENJOY your January kit!!!

--Sara Wise